/Creamy Tart Cherry Chocolate Smoothie

Creamy Tart Cherry Chocolate Smoothie

Satisfy your chocolate cravings with this thick and creamy Tart Cherry Chocolate Smoothie! It tastes like dessert and is perfect for a nourishing breakfast. Recipe in partnership with Montmorency Tart Cherries.

dripping cherry smoothie in glass with straw

dripping cherry smoothie in glass with strawIs there ANYTHING better than the wicked combo that is cherries and chocolate?

I mean chocolate and anything, really.

What’s that saying? “If it’s not good with chocolate, it’s good with hot sauce.” I couldn’t agree more.

But these U.S grown tart cherries. I’m just so into them these days!

In smoothies. In oatmeal bakes. In salads with sharp cheddar. In trail mix with walnuts and chocolate chips. I’m drooling on the keyboard just thinking about it.

Today’s chocolate tart cherry smoothie is one of those recipes that I make several times a week. Whether it’s for breakfast topped with almond butter and cacao nibs or as an afternoon pick-me-up, it’s so darn satisfying and tasty that you forget it’s even good for ya.

Let me let you in on a little secret. Plant-powered fat, plenty of frozen goodies (fruit + veg), and not too much liquid are the keys to a magical smoothie texture.

Especially with today’s recipe when you’re not using a naturally creamy fruit or veg like frozen banana or zucchini, fat like avocado or nut butter is non-negotiable.

For today’s tart cherry chocolate smoothie, we’re using one of my most beloved kitchen weapons–avocado. The luscious texture and fatty mouth feel really makes this a satisfying drink. No icy smoothies allowed!

The other key to dream creaminess is making your smoothie especially THICKThat means a higher proportion of frozen stuff to liquid and not over-blending since that generates heat, which thins out the smoothie. Start with a smaller amount of liquid and add more if needed.

I like to add a handful of frozen spinach to boost the thickness, too. A couple ice cubes will also do the trick.

avocado, dates and cherries to make smoothie

avocado, dates and cherries to make smoothieSince tart cherries are, you guessed it…TART, we’re phoning a friend and sweetening this baby with big, juicy Medjool dates. Because I truly do not love bananas in smoothies. I much prefer the neural flavor of dates.

If you don’t have dates, try maple syrup. A scoop of chocolate protein will help add staying power and sweetness as well!

When you’re cherry shopping, look for U.S.-grown Montmorency tart cherries, a varietal that’s not imported like other types of tart or sour cherries. Who wouldn’t want to help support local agriculture and preserve generations-old family farms? Heck yes!

bowl of tart cherries on gray board

bowl of tart cherries on gray board

A majority of the U.S. Montmorency tart cherry crop is grown in Michigan, AKA the Cherry Capital of the World. Other major Montmorency tart cherry-producing states include Utah, Washington, New York, Wisconsin, Oregon and Pennsylvania.

Otherwise known as sour cherries, tart cherries are available year-round in dried, juice, frozen, and canned forms. The sweet-tart taste and gorgeous ruby red color actually comes from the anthocyanins inside!

Research suggests tart cherries may help you recover after intense exercise, too. This smoothie would make the best post-workout treat! Other studies have examined the impact of Montmorency tart cherries on heart health, sleep and inflammation. So many reasons to love this superfruit! Check out more at choosecherries.com.



Satisfy your chocolate cravings with this thick and creamy Tart Cherry Chocolate Smoothie! It tastes like dessert and is perfect for a nourishing breakfast.


  1. Place all ingredients in a high-speed blender (I used my Nutribullet) and blend until completely smooth and creamy.

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